Let's face it! All pets will experience health problems at some time in their life. These problems may sometime lead to serious conditions and symptoms that can affect the behaviour of your pet. However, you as their owner should be alert and detect these symptoms and changes in his/her behaviour so you can easily relay this information to the veterinarian.

Tiger presented to Mallard Point Veterinary clinic with acute progressive hind limb lameness. Basic examination of Tiger demonstrated that he still had feeling and some movement to his hindlimbs, although limited. Many different causes for lameness exist, and may include vascular causes, trauma, and even arthritis. In order to help determine the underlying reason for his lameness radiographs were obtained. Radiographs demonstrated that Tiger had been an unfortunate victim of a pellet gun.

The pellet had affected Tiger at the level of the L2 vertebrae. WIth the knowledge of what was causing his lameness, we needed to figure out how to help our brave little guy. Ultimately, it was determined that we would attempt to remove the pellet lodged in Tiger’s spine. Many risks are involved with performing this type of procedure, and are often times performed with a specialist.

Surgical exploration of the area revealed the pellet had penetrated Tiger’s vertebrae, placing pressure on his spinal cord. By removing the source of the pressure, the hope is that Tiger will restore function, even if limited, to his hind limbs. Once the pellet was removed, and Tiger’s wounds healed uneventfully, his long road for recovery was only beginning.