Dental Surgery

by: Dr. Michael Wilson

A 4 year old, femal spayed Visla presented for decreased appetite, decreased weight and lethargic. Owners stated that the pet has not eaten very well for the past week. During the physicas exam, the patient had severe calculus, gingivitis, halitosis and gingival recession of the left 4th maxillary premolar. Small focal facial swelling was also noted under the left eye and increased tear production in that same eye. A diagnosis of 4th Premolar abscess was determined and complete dental cleaning with extraction of the infected tooth was recommended. The patient was sent home on oral antibiotics and scheduled an appointment for surgery the next day. During the oral exam portion of the complete dental cleaning, a draining tract was found on the buccal surface of the left 4th maxillary premolar. A mucoperiosteal flap was created to aid in extraction of the left 4th maxillary premolar. The patient recovered and was sent home with oral pain and antiinflammatory medication. Upon recheck examination 2 weeks after surgery the patient was eating normally, increased weight and the swelling under the left eye was considerably smaller.

In order to help avoid major dental procedures like this one, be sure to make routine visits with your doctor and schedule complete dental cleanings yearly. Owners can also help minimize tartar build up by brushing their pet's teeth with approved veterinary toothpaste every day.