Fracture Repair in a Cat

by: Dr. Brittany Seiler

xray xray fracture repair fracture repair xray

Shadow, a 2.5 year old spayed female indoor domestic short hair presented for acute lameness of her right hind leg. The owners also said that a few days ago they came home to their large cat tower knocked over and have not seen much of their cat since then around the house.

Upon presentation, Shadow was severely distressed and unable to be handled in order to exam her leg. For risk of the owners or veterinary staff being bitten, isoflurane gas sedation was recommended in order to complete the physical exam. Once sedated, there was obvious swelling and displacement along the distal tibia (shin-bone) of the right rear leg. The radiographs indicated a complete closed fracture of the right distal tibia and fibula.

The best option to stabilize this fracture and have the best chance of regaining full mobility of the limb was to surgically stabilize the fracture with a plate.

Shadow underwent surgery to fix the fracture.

The surgery was a success and post op radiographs looked great. The tibia is the most important weight bearing bone that must have good alignment.

Shadow awoke from anesthesia without complication and was able to go home the following day since pain control was optimal. A cast was not necessary. In as little as 3 days post operatively, Shadow was putting some weight on her back leg and able to walk again.