Bacterial Infection and Inflammation

by: Dr. Mark Piechocinski from Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic

Struvite stone xray

Travis, the cute little 16 year old beagle presented for a growth on his muzzle having been noted for few months duration. The growth was about one inch in diameter, red, and even had some discharge that was noted.

Many types of lumps and bumps appear on dogs and cats, some are nothing to be of concern, some are in need of more attention. Any lump or bump that you notice on your pet warrants a visit to the veterinarian. Although a general idea of what a lump or bump is can be determined at the time of examination, it is important that a biopsy be performed to confirm a diagnosis. Many different types of biopsies can be performed, but the veterinarian will determine the best course of action.

A fine needle biopsy was performed on Travis, and the cells obtained were submitted to the pathologist for review. Upon review, the pathologist determined that Travis' bump was nothing more than a bacterial infection compounded with a severe amount of inflammation tissue. Great news! With Travis being an old guy, surgery might not have been an option for him.

We started Travis on medication to help bring down the inflammation, as well as an antibiotic to help to clear up the underlying infection. He has been doing wonderful! Having been on the medication for over a week at this point the size of the growth has gone down, and the discharge has stopped as well.

We will continue to monitor the growth at this point to ensure that things continue to resolve.