by: Dr. Michael Wilson from Animal Care Center

Demodex on dog Demodex on dog Demodex on dog

A 1 year old female Pitbull mix presented to the hospital for scratching and red bumps on skin. Previous history states that the pet was obtained through a shelter and was previously diagnosed and treated for Demodex. After the medication was discontinued the pet began to scratch again. At presentation the pet had red bumps all over it’s body and was missing hair most commonly on the head and abdomen. Skin scrapings revealed Demodex yet again. This pet had a mixed mite and bacterial skin infection. A new dose of parasiticide was prescribed for the mites due to the pet’s continued growth and antibiotics for the bacteria. Within 2 weeks the pet was back for a check up, there was no more hair loss and the red bumps were gone. The pet must continue the parasiticide until there are 2 consecutive negative skin scrapings.

Most often skin diseases are a mixture of infections. With further diagnostics such as the skin scrapings we were able to find the primary infection. If we were to only treat for the bacterial infection then the pet would continue to lose hair. Here are some before and after photos that the owner has agreed to share.