Beak Injury

by: Dr. Nick Spodak from Animal Care Center

Pikus, is an 8-year-old Quaker Parrot who suffered a severe injury to his beak as a result of an attack from the larger cockatoo with which he shares his home. Unfortunately, his beak will not grow back to its former glory. It will close and round itself off but will never return to its original form. Pikus’ primary concern at this point is to learn how to eat again. A parrot’s beak is integral in the way they feed them selves, breaking open seeds, nuts, as well as drinking and cleaning themselves. It is also used to move around their environment and that too will take some adjusting. It is possible to make prosthetic beaks out of an acrylic similar to what dentists use, however difficult to keep them on permanently. Pikus was treated with pain medication, antibiotics and needed feeding assistance for a few weeks with soft food. Ten weeks later he is doing well, the beak is healing and almost fully closed. He is eating on his own adapting well to his shortened beak.