Charlie the Bulldog

by: Dr. Tim Brandes from Hinsdale Animal Hospital

Charlie" is a 2 year old English Bulldog. Charlie had been treated for on and off diarrhea and vomiting for around 4 months. over that time numerous x-rays and blood work was done and all were within normal limits. He always responded well to symptomatic treatment and would do well for a while.

However, on May 12th he became more lethargic, had no appetite and was vomiting multiple times.

X-rays that day, did show what appeared to be a foreign body somewhere within the abdomen. So Charlie was taken immediately to surgery for an exploratory. During surgery a pacifier was found lodged in the small intestine and by all appearances appeared to have been there for a while. The foreign body was removed and Charlie recovered well.

Most foreign bodies are an acute condition and require immediate intervention, however in rare cases the object can be in the intestines or stomach for longer periods of time and cause only periodic issues. This case demonstrates how repetitive diagnostics are some times needed in order to get a diagnosis.

Charlie is happy and healthy now and his young family is very aware of what Charlie may get into while they are not looking in order to avoid the same thing happening again.