Ex-Racer Greyhounds

by: Jason Jacobsen from Oswego Animal Hospital

Many greyhounds used for racing purposes end up breaking their leg during a race. This fracture almost always involves the right rear limb, specifically the "ankle" area as the dogs race in a counter-clockwise direction and push off with the right leg. Once these fractures occur, the racing days for that particular animal are over and they can no longer make any money for their owner and trainers. Luckily, many get a second chance at a more leisurely life when they are turned over to one of many generous greyhound rescue organizations. This was the case for Charlie Brown, who recently broke his leg while racing at a track in Florida. Shortly after his accident Charlie was transported to Oswego animal hospital in Illinois though a series of volunteers involving a long car ride and an airplane flight. The following day Charlie's fractured "ankle" was stabilized using a plate and screws. (See before and after X-rays) After a 3 month rehabilitation stint, Charlie will be available for adoption through Midwest Greyhound Association. Unfortunately, there are many stories like Charlie's. All of these animals deserve a second chance at life, and if anyone is interested please contact us atoswegoanimalhospital@hotmail.com or Midwest Greyhound Association directly at Whdog1@aol.com.