Broken Leg on a Brave Yorkie

By: Dr. Mark Piechocinski from Mallard Point Veterinary Clinic

Leo is a cute little Yorkie mix who is full fo energy an loves to play with his other housemates. Unfortunately his bigger buddy that he commonly plays with did not realize that little leo was not built as strong as he was this is what led leo to be brought into see us at mallard point veterinary clinic.

Leo's Presenting complaint: non-weight bearing lameness on his left leg. Not only could leo not use his back leg, he was painful on palpation of his leg. Specifically in the area of his mid-femur. in addition to being painful to the touch,you could also feel some abnormal movement to his bone in the same area. All sign are pointing to Leo having a fractured femur,but a radio graph is necessary to determine the true extent to Leo's injuries.

A radiograph was taken,and our brave little Leo has confirmation fo his broken leg. Specifically, Leo has a complete long oblique fracture of the left femur. Ouch!

Now that we have obtained confirmation, as well as the extent of his injuries, we need to determine the best way to fix. It was determined that the method to give Leo the best chance for recovery would be to perform a plate­fixation. With the decision to move forward with plate­fixation,everything was put into place and surgery set up to get Leo back on track to recovery.

Leo’s big surgery day arrived! He was all prepped and ready to go. Both ends of Leo's Fractured femur were exposed to better visualize the break. After the fractured was visualized,a smmaller fracture which could not be seen on the initial radiograph was visualized. A small screw was placed to help hold this small fracture in place,so that the plate would be strong enough to hold the larger fracture together. With the smaller fracture taken care of, the larger fracture was reduced to ensure proper plate placement.

The plate was placed, and all the screws used to hold the plate were tightened down. With everything closed up, multiple radiograph were taken to ensure everything was in its right place. Everything looked fantastic! Leo's not out of wood's just yet though, he still has a long recovery ahead. Healing time is roughly 6-8 weeks for Leo to be able to return to normal activity. During this time range of motion exercises must be performed, as well as Leo is doing very well and is currently recuperating from his ordeal.