Feline Laceration Repair and Hind Limb Amputation


By Dr. Rebecca Lundeen at Oswego Animal Hospital

Stevie is a 1 year old female spayed domestic shorthair who was presented to Oswego Animal Hospital for examination of injuries sustained after she had escaped outdoors and was unable to be located. Upon finding Stevie the owner immediately noted that she had a wound affecting her right ear and was unable to bear weight on her left hind limb.

The owner immediately brought Stevie in for examination. Stevie sustained a deep laceration at the base of her right ear, several superficial abrasions on her skin, and an open compound fracture of her left hind limb. Bloodwork and radiographs revealed no other significant injuries.

After discussing options for treatment, the owner elected to pursue surgical repair of the ear laceration and mid-femoral amputation of the left hind limb as the best course of treatment for Stevie.

Stevie’s surgery went well and she remained hospitalized for several days, during which time she received pain medication, antibiotics, and IV fluid therapy. Stevie recovered well and was bright and walking well on her remaining three limbs the day following her surgery. She returned home to her family and is scheduled to return to Oswego Animal Hospital for suture removal and any necessary follow-up care.