Correcting a congenital dermoid on a rescue puppy.

By: Dr. Nick Spodak from Animal Care Center

This cute puppy was acquired by Help Save Pets with fur growing out of her eye. She was examined by Dr. Spodak and diagnosed with what is known as a dermoid.It is defined as a growth on the cornea or conjunctiva, which consists of a mass of tissue containing fat, glandular tissue, hair follicles, and hair.Dermoids are considered congenital meaning a disease or physical abnormality present from birth. It is a rare condition but will only be seen in puppies.If not corrected it can cause sever pain, affect eye lubrication, corneal ulceration and obstruct vision.

Treatment involves surgical removal know as a keratectomy which involves removal of part of the cornea. This is similar to LASEK, except we don’t use a laser.

I was able to successfully remove the dermoid by cutting of the superficial layer of cornea. It healed well and she is doing great and will not have any long lasting issues as a result of her minor birth defect.