One canine’s consistent wound leads to a needed and beneficial procedure.

WARNING: Pictures are Graphic

By Dr. Josie arkush from animal care center

This is a story about a boy who was just too happy.

Hunter is a 4 year-old labrador retriever who had repeatedly injured his tail because of wagging it and bumping it into hard surfaces. His owner had him on several rounds of antibiotics because the wound would get infected.Just when she thought it was healed, she would return home to find blood all over her walls.

After battling this course of events for over 8 months, Hunter's owner finally decided it was time to have his tail amputated.

Pre-surgical blood work was run and it was determined that Hunter was healthy enough for general anesthesia.

About 3/4 of his tail was removed during surgery. It was important that there was enough of his tail removed, that he was not going to have this problem again.

The healing process took a while. Normal surgeries heal in about 2 weeks. Hunter took a total of 3 weeks to heal, because he still was able to waggle his butt and bump into things. Also, when he sat down, his tail would hit the ground.

Finally, after 3 weeks, Hunter was healed. All of his hair grew back and his owner reports he is happier than ever.