This 2 year old dog’s misadventure leads to a new smile with a lot of character.

Warning : Pictures are Graphic

Dr. Joyce Ashamalla from Hinsdale Animal Hospital.

A 2 year old male neutered Australian Shepherd mix named Willis presented to our clinic after playing around in the kitchen with the client's son. Willis went "flying" into the cabinet muzzle first and ended up breaking his upper right canine in half. Upon physical exam, we noted that the crown was indeed mostly broken off with pulp exposure. We offered the owner treatment options which included endodontic treatment such as root canal and crown replacement, or to surgically extract the tooth. The owner was not concerned with cosmetics and opted for surgical extraction.

If left in, the canine would become a source of pain and potential infection. Willis went in for a surgical extraction where we create a mucogingival flap, drill the surrounding alveolar bone, elevate/remove the broken canine, and then suture the flap.

Willis received the appropriate pain management prior to, during and after the procedure as well as a course of prophylactic antibiotics. Everything went great with Willis and now his smile has some extra character.