Puppy bones heal fast and that is good news for this little guy


Dr Tony’s favorite case of the week comes from
Dr. Jennifer Mutchler from Animal Medical Center

“Hobbs” was a 7 week old male Australian Shepherd mix presented to us for a
broken left rear leg. He was pulled from the local shelter by a Rescue group that
had quickly raised the necessary funds to have his leg surgically repaired.

Radiographs revealed a simple, short oblique fracture. Surgical repair consisted of setting the fracture and placing a 6-screw plate directly on the bone. Hobbs spent just one night in our hospital, then was released the following day on antibiotics and pain medication.

He was already tip-toeing on his broken leg! Puppy bones heal very quickly and
we expect this guy to be 100% in 4-6 weeks. We are so thankful the Rescue
group put the effort into saving this pup and raising funds so his leg could be
repaired properly. Hobbs is currently doing great and loving life in a wonderful
foster home!